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Research papers

Please find below some of the URCLIM related papers. Enjoy your reading!


Duchêne, F., B. Van Schaeybroeck, S. Caluwaerts, R. De Troch, Rafiq Hamdi, P. Termonia. A statistical-dynamical methodology to downscale regional climate projections to urban scale, in Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology 2020, 59(6), 1109-1123. DOI: 10.1175/JAMC-D-19-0104.1 Available here.

De Troeyer, K., M. Bauwelinck, R. Aerts, D. Profer, J. Berckmans, A. Delcloo, R. Hamdi, B. Van Schaeybroeck, H Hooyberghs, D. Lauwaet, C. Demoury, A. Van Nieuwenhuyse (2020). Heat related mortality in the two largest Belgian urban areas: a time series analysis, in Environmental Research 188, 109848, DOI:10.1016/j.envres.2020.109848. Available here.

Van Schaeybroeck B., Bucher B., Chitu Z., Christophe S., Fortelius C., Hamdi R., Masson V., Perrels A., and Wichers Schreur B. (2020): Urban climate services: climate impact projections and their uncertainties at city scale, FMI’s Climate Bulletin: Research Letters, 2(1), 10, DOI: Available here.

Gautier J., Brédif M., Christophe S. Co-visualization of air temperature and urban data for visual exploration, in IEEEVIS 2020. Available here.

Masson V., W. Heldens, E. Bocher, M. Bonhomme, B. Bucher, C. Burmeister, C. de Munck, T. Esch, J. Hidalgo, F. Kanani-Sühring, Y-T Kwok, A. Lemonsu, J.-P. Lévy, B. Maronga, D. Pavlik, G. Petit, L. See, R. Schoetter, N. Tornay, A. Votsis, J. Zeidler, City-descriptive input data for urban climate models: Model requirements, data sources and challenges, in Urban Climate, vol.23, 2020, article 100536. Available here.

Gautier J., Christophe S., Brédif M. Visualizing 3D climate data in urban 3D models, in Journal of Photogrammetry and remote sensing (ISPRS), 2020. Available here.

Le Roy B, Lemonsu A, Kounkou-Arnaud R, Brion D, Masson V. Long time series spatialized data for urban climatological studies: A case study of Paris, France. Int J Climatol. 2020;1–18. Available here.

Van de Vyver, H., B. Van Schaeybroeck, R. Hamdi, and P. Termonia (2019). Modeling the scaling of short‐duration precipitation extremes with temperature, Earth and Space Science (6), 2031-2041. doi: 10.1029/2019EA000665. Available here.

Cugnon G., Caluwaerts S., Duchêne F., Hamdi R., Termonia P., Top S., Vergauwen T., Van Schaeybroeck B., Climate sensitivity to land use changes over the City of Brussels, in Geographica Pannonica, vol. 23, Issue 4, pp.269-276. December 2019. Available here.


Van de Vyver H., A multiscaling‐based intensity–duration–frequency model for extreme precipitation, in Hydrological Processes., 2018;32:1635–1647. Available here.

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