The URCLIM team is hiring!

The French National Mapping Agency (IGN) is looking for a bold and motivated 6-month intern as of February 2020 to work on the European project “URCLIM”.

The main issue to be addressed during this internship is methodological. Given a portion of the urban fabric, how can we accommodate the «morphological» point of view and the «climatic» point of view? How can we operate the comparison, similarity highlighting or conversely differences reconciliation of these two distinct information layers?

Several questions are to be discussed regarding the co-visualization of these two points of view:
– How can the similarities or differences betweenpoints of viewbe presented in an efficient wayto a user?
– How can we combine statistical analysis of indicators with visual analytics so that these twoapproaches complete each other?
– How to operate the navigation between the adequate scales of observation during the co-visualization?
– What kind of data could enrich the analysis of the urban fabric areas (land use, digital elevation model, vegetation cover, shadowing)?

From the produced data coming from MApUCE and UrCLIM projects, the internship aims to achieve the following objectives:
– Review of existing works dealings with morphological metrics that can be computed on publicand/or open data available for French cities (e.g. Toulouse).
– Implementation and evaluation of these metrics and their discriminating power on the selected urban zone of interest.
– Study the link between climate and environment morphology, by comparing climatic properties derived from urban climate models outputs with morphological metrics.
– Design a workflow to automate this comparison
– Propose adequate renderings and visualizations of the information before and after this comparison

Skills requirements
Master student in Computer Sciences or Geographic Information Sciences, with a taste for pluridisciplinarity and urban sciences.
Prior knowledge in one of these domains confers an advantage:
– GIS 3D or 2,5D.
– Visual Analytics, cartography, and dataviz.
– Statistical analysis, especially spatial analysis.

Time period and workplace
– 5 to 6 months, starting from February 2020
– Internship takes place in the STRUDEL/GEOVIS teams of the LaSTIG laboratory of the French National Mapping Agency (IGN) in Saint Mandé(94), close to Paris.

Sidonie Christophe, LASTIG/GEOVIS:
Jacques Gautier, LASTIG/GEOVIS: